EIFA Gala 2017


I wish to thank all of you for the fun moments! I spent nearly 7 hours at the Langham, but it went by like the blink of an eye.

Also, being an EIFA parent myself, I finally got a chance to meet some of you!

Your Photos

Here is a selection of your photos, both in color and black and white. 

Please note however that these are not retouched and are of low resolution (approximately 1MB, 8-bit color). As such they just provide a glimpse at what the real photos could be in terms of color and detail (full-resolution photos are more than 500MB each with 16-bit color thanks to the equipment used).



For those who would only like to keep the photos on their smartphone or computer, without any retouching nor any print, pricing is as follows for JPEGs of approximately 5-7MB each:

- 1 photo: £12.50/photo

- Up to 3 photos: £35

- Full package of up to 8 photos: £75

The photos will be shared via Dropbox and can be downloaded for a period of 2 months once ordered. They will be very similar to the versions that can be seen here on the website, but with a slightly better resolution great for smartphones and computers. 



For each photo ordered, this package includes 3 additional JPEGs digital versions (as per Option 1 specifications) to choose for free.

I believe that if you like one or two of the photos, they deserve to be professionally retouched and  kept as a memory. 

Should you want to buy one or more professionally retouched photo(s) in high resolution, pricing for 8"x10" printed copies on archive-quality photographic paper is as below:

- Couple photos: £125/photo

- Groups: £100/photo

Should you wish to go for smaller or bigger prints, please contact me and we will look into exact pricing. Thanks to their high resolution, the photos can be printed very big with extreme detail and color rendition.

If you would prefer fully retouched digital negatives, for them to be printed later at your convenience, Couple photos are £100/photo and Group photos £75/photo.

Finally, if you would like to purchase more than 2 photos, please contact me for advantageous pricing.

The Retouching and Printing Work For Option 2

Photos are professionally retouched following a high-end process, including: major corrections (reframing, cleaning background of unwanted objects, proportions modifications), color corrections (e.g. skin redness, color balance), color matching, zone luminosity changes, detailed corrections (e.g. skin, hair, arms and legs), smart sharpening and digital toning according to your taste.

The final result after a few hours of work on each photo is a super-detailed file (of a few Gb) ready to be printed by Metro Imaging (high-end printing boutique in Clerkenwell), who will make the final technical modifications for a perfect print.

I do my own retouching and tend to keep a natural look, but this is a two-way process and I am happy to accommodate any specific demands so please feel free to contact me by phone or email to discuss.

An Invitation

I would also like to invite you to have a look at my website. I would be very happy to photograph your family and as a special offer, EIFA Parents, Board and Staff Members benefit from a 15% discount on sessions and prints if booked before 7 July 2017.

Thank you again!

Gregoire (Constance's dad)

PS: to select the photos your would like to purchase, please download them and send them by email. Alternatively, please count the column and row and contact me by email.


Couple Photos

No more than two




Group Photos



Fails of the night - funny moments


EIFA International Day