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Family portraits with a twist



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The Concept

My approach is to offer high quality, professional family photography with a contemporary twist. 

While the digital age has revolutionised our lives and filled our phones with thousands of pictures, it has come at the cost of high quality traditional photography. We all have phones and computers overloaded with photos. But how many of these would we actually print and hang on our walls? 

Sadly, not that many.

I passionately believe in the long-lasting pleasure of walking past a cherished photograph every day. This is why I created My Sweet Family Photo.


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My Sweet Family Photo aims at twisting the traditional genre of family portraits by adding fun and eccentricity to your photographs.

I believe the experience itself should be enjoyable. Yes, I have to admit that I tend to use  accessories, ask kids to jump and make them throw objects around!

But most importantly, photos should be telling a real story, your singular story. This is why we will work together to prepare scenarios reflecting the true personality of your family.

We will start with an initial consultation (either in person or on the phone) and an extensive questionnaire that will allow me to get a glimpse at what you like to do (or not to do!) together, why you got these nicknames, how you perceive each other... Based on this, I will propose several "scenes" or "scenarios" that we could create. We will design these together.

The session can then take place in my studio, in your own home or a location of your choosing.

Each portrait will therefore be tailor-made to reflect your family personality. This creates natural-looking photos that tell a unique, fun story about you and your loved ones.

Finally, after a viewing session of the files (this can be done on Skype), you will receive the actual print of the photos you will have selected on archive quality paper. 



About Me

My name is Gregoire Bielle. I am French and have been living in London with my family for over 10 years.

I have always been passionate about photography. I remember printing pictures myself in my grandfather's lab and the joy of watching a cherished moment come to life on photographic paper.

I love the magic of cameras: capturing these moments is as if I were carving them in precious stone and placing them in a treasury chest.

Treasures, this is what family photographies should be. But that only happens when they actually tell a story. And family portraits can often feel standardised and lack creativity or soul. 

This is why I wanted to design a unique experience with real scenarios built around your own family. We all have stories to tell and with the help of high-end equipment, we will capture moments that are true to you, and that you will want to keep in your own treasure chest (or hang on the wall!)